Politico: The Strategy Corner with Mark Penn: Health care needs a clear message

By MARK PENN Published September 1, 2009 The Obama administration’s health care reform efforts are spinning out of control, and the White House is taking on water, seeing its ratings fall and its leadership questioned. For a president whose communication skills are so justifiably well-regarded, the biggest obstacle comes as […]

September 1, 2009

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Politico: The Strategy Corner with Mark Penn: End class warfare

By MARK PENN Published July 29, 2009 It sounds so simple: Just tax the few to pay for social programs that benefit the many. Yet no political idea — embodied by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s call to tax the wealthy to cover health care for everyone else — has ever […]

July 29, 2009

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Politico: The Strategy Corner with Mark Penn: N. Korea, Iran nukes

By MARK PENN Published June 3, 2009 To: President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton While America has been preoccupied with the fight over the Guantanamo detainees and now the GM bankruptcy, and the United Kingdom has been distracted by the expense forms of its parliamentary members, two other […]

June 3, 2009

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Politico: The Strategy Corner: Pelosi’s Action Plan

By MARK PENN Published May 20, 2009 To Hon. Speaker Nancy Pelosi: The accusations that the CIA did not properly disclose its waterboarding activities to you in 2002 are making you a lightning rod for criticism from the right and causing a split within Democratic ranks at a time when […]

May 20, 2009

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