Mark Penn is the President and Managing Partner of The Stagwell Group, a private equity fund focused on the marketing services industry. In this role, Penn directs the acquisition process and oversees the Group’s portfolio companies.

Penn has over 40 years in market-research, advertising, public relations, polling and consulting. Prior to founding the Stagwell Group, he previously held senior executive roles with Microsoft, WPP, and senior strategic roles on electoral campaigns for President Bill Clinton, Senator Hillary Clinton, and Prime Minister Tony Blair.


Mark Penn is best known for his wealth of experience in the world of polling.


Mark Penn helped elect both a US President (Bill Clinton) and a UK Prime Minister (Tony Blair).FF

Business & Leadership

Mark Penn is a unique leader because of his experience in every realm of business and communications.


Mark Penn left Microsoft and in 2015 launched The Stagwell Group. His forming of the private equity firm, which is led by a group of agency and industry professionals, aims to reinvent the traditional holding company.


In 2007, Mark Penn released Microtrends, which was a best-seller on both the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal lists. 


Mark Penn speaks in many arenas on many topics — from boardrooms to large audiences. His speeches range from politics to polling, to trends and business.