Mark Penn has been covered extensively in top tier publications — from the New York Times to the Wall Street Journal. He is covered on topics from his business savvy and acquisitions with The Stagwell Group to his knowledge of American politics, polling, and beyond. Penn is a frequent guest on many TV programs – including Bloomberg Business, CNN, MSBC – as well as a go-to for interviews and commentary on polling, politics, trends, and the world of marketing.

“In fact, Mr. Penn firmly believes that polls are a force for good government—he would like to see a ‘public desk’ in the White House”


A few examples of his past coverage highlights include:

Inside The New Agency Holding Company Playbook

As the traditional holding company model declines, new models are rising as competition. While the “big six” – WPP, Publicis…

Mark Penn’s Stagwell Group Raises $260 Million

Stagwell Group LLC, the digital marketing investment group founded by Mark Penn, a former Microsoft Corp. chief strategy officer a…

Mark Penn Wants to Build a New Kind of Holding Company

Mark Penn on his new company, Stagwell Group, and his agency investment plans.

Interviews & Commentary

WSJ Opinion: A Win-Win Debt Ceiling Deal

Biden and McCarthy can diminish the power of the far left and far right, restoring voter confidence.

FINTECH.TV: The Transformation of the Marketing Sector

Vince Molinari talks with Mark Penn, CEO of Stagwell about the shift in digital marketing, the rise of AI and what digital marketi…

WSJ Opinion: Trump or Biden? How About Neither?

Walking away from the presidency is like giving up the car keys because you’re too old to drive safely.

Interviews & Commentary

Ad Age: The Outsider

Mark Penn on building Stagwell, his political and polling background and doing what it takes to make his gamble a success

Stagwell Group: New Roaring 20’s Consumer is Here

CEO says digital marketing is best way to target consumers.

Section 230 may come under legal attack amid Big Tech censorship: Mark Penn

Feb. 03, 2021 – 5:39 – Former Clinton adviser Mark Penn provides insight into Big Tech censorship on conservative voic…