Mark Penn: Is Joe Biden the Jeb Bush of 2020?

Joe Biden enters 2020 presidential race. Former Vice President Joe Biden announces 2020 presidential bid. He didn’t immediately back the entire Green New Deal or call for single-payer health care. He stressed values and his experience. He’s former Vice President Joe Biden. He has entered the race for president as […]

April 25, 2019

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Obama had it right — a circular firing squad is on the way

President Barack Obama was right to warn the Democratic Party that, unless it reshapes its course, it may create a circular firing squad. Historically, just look to the Democratic Party of 1972, when George McGovern lost 49 states to Richard Nixon, another controversial, polarizing president. It was both the high […]

April 12, 2019

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Howard Schultz Says He Can Unite

Apr 3, 2019 Former CEO and Chairman of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, has been making headlines while he explores a run for the White House as an Independent. He joins the podcast in the first of two parts to discuss his potential bid. The killing of a University of the South […]

April 4, 2019

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Mark Penn: Fixing the special counsel statute in 10 not-so-easy steps

After three major independent and special counsel investigations — one which ended in the resignation of a president, one which went down the wire to impeachment and an acquittal in the Senate and now the Russia-Trump investigation has ended in all but clearing the president and his top staff, it […]

March 27, 2019

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