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Global Trends Speaker

As a New York Times bestselling author, Mark Penn has given the world a vocabulary to discuss “the small forces behind tomorrow’s big changes.” He uses the same ground-breaking data-analysis from Microtrends and the 2018 sequel, Microtrends Squared, to lead the global conversation on his analyses of world-wide social trends.

Business Strategy Speaker

Mark Penn blends data-analytics with creativity to teach corporate officers what it means to compete in the digital era. As President and Managing partner of the Stagwell Group, Mark Penn enjoys discussing his insights on being at the helm of American start-up culture. Serving as Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer at Microsoft, Penn’s understanding of the corporate arena is supplemented by his tech background.

Pollster and Public Opinion Speaker

Penn is known for his no-nonsense speaking style and his ability to break down large trends and ideas into tangible and easy-to-digest information. Data is a second language for Penn, as he interprets numbers with ease and real-time applicability for corporations and politicians alike.

Disruption Speaker

Penn knows about the small forces that drive disruption, and how companies can stay abreast of these trends. He shares innovative solutions for standing out on the corporate playing field and revamping financial growth, as proven by his work at PSB, Microsoft, and the Stagwell Group.

Political Speaker

Mark Penn uses both current polls and past experience to narrate conversation on today’s political climate. Penn’s perspective on current political trends, in addition to his successful career as a White House pollster, is what sets him apart from other orators.

Video Appearances

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Penn’s Key Topics

  • The divided American Electorate
  • Public opinion and polling as a means to elect a President
  • What Microtrends mean for today’s economy, politics, and our lives

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