Politico: Poll: D.C. elites down on Sarah Palin

She told you so. Washington elites, it turns out, do look down their noses at Sarah Palin. The former Alaska GOP governor has been saying it for more than two years now, and a new POLITICO poll released Wednesday suggests she’s right. Just 11 percent of the D.C. elites surveyed […]

December 15, 2010

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Politico: Poll: Dems seen as party of negativity and ideas

By MARK PENN October 18, 2010 Most things in politics are cyclical. The two parties trade power, popular support, and even politicians as regularly as the seasons. One exception to this rule, however, is party reputation. For years, Republicans have been seen as the party of negativity—the party of innuendo […]

October 19, 2010

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Politico: Poll: The strong grip of pessimism by Mark Penn

By MARK PENN September 21, 2010 While the stock market continues its recovery, suggesting that investors have become more optimistic, the voting public remains in the firm grip of pessimism and their negative outlook shows no signs of receding as we head into the midterms. In the latest POLITICO poll, […]

September 22, 2010

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Politico: Watch the Obama reelect numbers, says Mark Penn

By MARK PENN July 18, 2010 By far, the most alarming numbers this poll presents for President Barack Obama are the reelection figures; against a generic Republican candidate, he loses by 5 points, 37-42. In general, when an incumbent’s reelect numbers fall below 50 percent, it’s a sign of trouble […]

July 19, 2010

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