Mark Penn helped elect both a US President (Bill Clinton) and a UK Prime Minister (Tony Blair).

Penn has also helped democratically-elected leaders communicate successfully around the world. Working with more than thirty heads of state, Penn’s approach “emphasizes responsiveness and accountability and policy,” according to the New York Times.

Penn got his start in involvement in polling and political campaigns with his revolutionary approach to polling for NYC Mayor Ed Koch, who he and Doug Schoen helped become Mayor in 1977. Koch called Penn a “wunderkind”. After that success, Penn worked around the US for members of congress, senators, mayors, and around the world from Venezuela to Israel.

Penn is well known for his political influence with President Bill Clinton. He was a large part of President Clinton’s reelection campaign and win in 1996, and discovered a crucial set of voters which he called “soccer moms”, becoming an iconic turn of phrase for future subgroups.

Penn was also key in Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s career. He was a senior member of her 2000 Senate, 2006 Senate and 2008 Presidential campaigns. In 2005, Penn was a key adviser to UK Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Now it’s all over, I can’t thank you enough for the work you did. Every step of the way, you gave solid, sensible advice, with real insight and creativity. As you know, I came to rely on it heavily! You were great to work with – true professionals, but true believers too. Thank you!


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